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Frequently Asked Questions

As a landlord you may lack the time or expertise to maintain your residential or commercial properties and deal with the tenants. Your property manager will take responsibility for day-to-day operations while preserving the value of your properties and generating income thanks to its expertise. 

Namibia has a strong and stable economic growth with a serious investment potential. It’s one of the most politically stable country in Africa, and it benefit from its rich resources and a diversified economy. Namibia has a growing population migrating more and more toward the cities.

The Namibian real estate market had been growing quickly and has been recorded as the second highest house price growth in the world few years ago.

Interior design has a lot of advantages. By bringing efficiency, comfort, aesthetic and functionality to your property, it increases its value. One of the most known benefits is to maximize the space of each room.

short-term property management.

Our team is dedicated to creating a customized management agreement that addresses your specific requirements for short-let properties. Upon the arrival of guests, our property manager extends a warm welcome, offers a comprehensive welcome pack, provides a detailed orientation on the property’s amenities and operations, and facilitates the key handover process. Preceding and subsequent to guest check-ins, a thorough inventory inspection is conducted, ensuring replenishment of any necessary items. We collaborate with local cleaning partners who adhere to our stringent cleaning protocols, guaranteeing that your short-let space is reset to a standard reminiscent of a five-star hotel.

long-term property management.

NDA provides customized property solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of property owners. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses, but is not limited to, financial management, vendor management, contract renewals, as well as a maintenance plan executed on behalf of Trustees, body corporates, and property owners.

property inspections.

Our appointed inspector will conduct a scheduled visit to your premises alongside your tenants for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive condition inspection. The inspection findings will be meticulously documented in a detailed report, which will serve to identify any emerging or existing concerns. This report will facilitate your ability to effectively monitor and address routine maintenance requirements at the property.

interior design.

NDA offers comprehensive assistance for your interior design and furnishing requirements, aimed at crafting an aesthetically appealing property that will effectively attract a greater number of bookings. Our expert team is dedicated to curating a visually captivating space that optimizes its allure and appeal to potential guests. By leveraging our expertise in interior design and furnishing, we strive to create an ambiance that captivates and entices, ultimately enhancing the marketability and desirability of your property

property renovations.

Our team is committed to enhancing your property by providing comprehensive renovation services that cater to your personal preferences, ultimately augmenting its value. These services encompass various aspects, including but not limited to the installation of a new roof, modernizing the kitchen and bathrooms, upgrading flooring, and creating a fresh garden aesthetic. Through meticulous attention to detail and skillful management, we ensure that each renovation project aligns seamlessly with your vision, delivering exceptional results.

property analysis and sales.

Commencing a successful property investment endeavor necessitates the identification of an optimal property. Irrespective of whether your intentions are inclined towards selling, purchasing, or still deliberating, NDA proudly boasts a dedicated team capable of meticulously evaluating numerous properties, thereby facilitating informed decisions regarding acquisition and, if applicable, optimal timing for divestment. Our rigorous vetting procedure ensures the selection of exceptional houses that harbor the greatest potential for yielding substantial returns on investment.